Welcome to Vortmax Films!

Vortmax Films is pretty much me, Vortmax, and I like to make small videos in Uru. I started out making music videos, and that's still most of what I do, but I've done a few other things. All of my videos are available here on my site, and you can either watch them streaming at YouTube or Google Video. In most cases, you can also download a higher-quality video in .wmv format (unless otherwise noted). Use the links at the left to see what I've done.

These videos were filmed entirely in Uru: Complete Chronicles, Until Uru (mostly the D'mala Shard), Myst Online: Uru Live, and MO:ULagain. In Complete Chronicles, the Fly Mode Patcher was used to get some shots. (Note: This cannot be used in the online game!) I used FRAPS to capture the video, VirtualDub to do some minor editing and convert the clips, and Windows Movie Maker to assemble the videos. (In one case, I used Nero Vision, and will likely be moving to this in the future.) For audio editing I prefer Audacity, and The GIMP for graphics work.

Feel free to leave me comments on the streaming videos, or e-mail me.

Myst Online: Uru Live is now open and totally free to play! Visit the official Uru Live site to join us again!